Sharon Monk


Sharon completed her Diploma of Art and Design ( Sculpture ) Prahran College of Advanced Education   1975- 78 and since then has been involved in many exhibitions , both solo and group shows , in Australia , England , France and Japan .

“My constant focus has always been to draw attention to the far lesser “publicised” creatures we share our planet with. This , well , obsession , has grown from a belief that EVERYTHING, ….from bacteria and viruses , insects and cephalopods , plants and trees , cute and furries , ugly and venomous , …all share this planet ….actually , to put it bluntly ,  combined , we are the planet . Humans are NOT the supreme beings, just another manifestation of living cells , interdependent on each and everything.  

I work in a scale that entices some intimacy with these portrayals of these wonders of our world. As my work progresses, that intimate scale is becoming more and more important to me _ it’s a bit like the old adage ….”to have AND to hold “ . A sculpture that can be held comfortably in one’s hand. A sense of fine detail is also of extreme importance to me , as this requires very close and fine scrutiny by the observer, for them to fully get lost in this sculptural “environment “.                                                   

My intention (and hope), is to spark off some curiosity about, and empathy with, these lesser seen inhabitants of this world. To hopefully make people aware of the marvel, beauty, diversity and necessity of all living organisms …..of course there is a lifetimes work in this quest …… and the quest continues , in my quiet corner of the world .   Sharon Monk 2014

Images of Sharon’s Work