Lorna Ryan Burden – ArtistLorna

I was born at Myrtleford and spent my earlier years on a tobacco property in the northeast of Victoria and later in Rural NSW.

I am inspired by our landscape, attending workshops and discovering new methods.   Inspiration for me comes from my interpretation of what I see or feel. I mainly work in two mediums, painting and printmaking; using various methods and materials to obtain the result I wish to achieve. My work is mainly limited to an edition of one.

I think I have gypsy in my soul so motivation comes in many ways:  travelling and attending selected workshops, learning new methods, keeping in touch with my peers and research. In 2010 and 2011 I travelled to Granada and worked with Master Printmaker Maureen Booth using solar plates and I continue to use them  in my work. In  2013 I travelled to Florence and worked at il Bisotone where we covered the techniques of working with aluminium and waterless litho.  I like to work and use methods that are as chemically free as possible.

Images of Lorna’s work