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Art work of the Month

Title – “Neva”

Artist – Craig Stephens

Size Metric – 1400mm x 2000mm

Size Imperial – 4’7″‘ x 6’6″

Material and Technique – Stained, bleached & dyed Eucalyptus wood, Tiger Myrtle wood, stained & dyed Huon Pine wood, linseed oil, oil paint, fishing line, copper & brass wire, linen, cotton, cow hide, dyed Merino wool, Jute, Rum and glass beads.

Artist Statement – The formation of this work was initially sparked by my study of the construction techniques of ancient Japanese armour. It then developed by being influenced by my reading about the ill-fated passengers aboard the convict ship Neva1 to which the wire stitched hearts, nest, distressed wood and torn canvas relate to. Concurrently I was thinking about the absurd transformation that a Eucalyptus tree had taken in being reduced to a square construction of nailed boards and gang nailed bearers of a discarded, so called “Hardwood” transportation pallet2 from which the stitched wooden cross components are derived from.

 1  The Neva sailed from Cork, Ireland on January 8, 1835 bound for the colony of New South Wales, Australia with 150 women convicts and their 35 children, 9 free women with 22 children and a crew of 26. On May 13 at around 5:00am Neva struck and broke up upon a reef North of King Island, Australia. Twenty-two persons, consisting of some of the crew and convicts, by clinging to various pieces of the ship, were carried on shore at King’s Island, a distance of nine miles from where the vessel struck, after being eight hours in the water. Seven of these died soon after from exhaustion. The remaining fifteen, on recovering from their dreadful state of cold and fatigue, succeeded in erecting a tent of the things washed on shore from the wreck.      

Further reading: The Wreck of the Neva, Cal McCarthy & Kevin, Todd, Mercer Press.  2  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia_standard_pallets: Australia standard pallets are square hardwood pallets that are standard in Australia and non-standard anywhere else in the world. They are 1,165 by 1,165 millimetres (45.9 by 45.9 in) in size and fit perfectly in the RACE (container) of the Australian railways. They are ill-suited for the standard 20 feet (6.1 m) and 40 feet (12 m) ISO shipping containers used around the globe.

This art work currently exhibited at Kelly & Gemelli until June 13.


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Art work of the Month

Title – “Rain, Chilcott Channel” Dyptich
Artist – Adriano Gemelli
Date of Construction – 2013
Size Metric – 4840mm x 1215mm
Size Imperial – 16′ x 4′
Material and Technique – Resin Reflective hologram, gold & mixed media

The challenge was to produce a fully interactive work utilising the 3 dimensional colour spectrum properties of reflective hologram, creating a dynamic field colour over gold and black, allowing the composition to  morph and move across the length and width of the work, with viewer movement.

Work currently exhibited at Kelly & Gemelli simultaneously with the sculpture of Ernst Fries.