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Title – “Baitrunner” |  Artist – Adriano Gemelli

Size Metric – 1000mm x 700mm | Reflective hologram on synthetic paper
Above are a series of images of the one art work

 “Art, in my opinion, is not restricted in concept, style, technique or consistency. If you believe in freedom of expression, and the artist challenges what he does than you may enjoy the eclectic value of the diverseness.

I see no other way of finding newness or uniqueness of creativity that we call Art.”

“Since 1994 my art practise has been to explore the phenomena of change with reflective hologram and use its properties to develop statements/concepts on a 2-dimensional field with a 3-dimensional medium that challenge perceived perceptions of static continuity.”One of the main mediums in my works that assists in the development of the concept is reflective hologram with its dynamic spectral qualities, which corresponds to my interest in change/movement/multiplicity.

It has always struck me to look at the world as stilled moments as unsatisfying or unfinished stories.  My aim has/is to find ways that show more without relying on one static image of view. The Futurists (a term coined by the Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti), emphasized discarding the static and irrelevant art of the past.  They celebrated change, originality, and innovation in culture and society and glorified the new technology of the twentieth century, with emphasis on dynamism, speed, energy and power. They developed concepts such as “simultaneous vision” – the concept of combining different viewpoints of a subject into a single, coherent image (1), and “simultaneity – the rendering of motion by simultaneously showing many aspects of a moving object.

This interest in capturing a single moment in a series of planes was derived from cubism (2).  Artists working with these concepts at that time were Balla, Picasso, Braque and Du Champ. Although not influenced by these artists, I have found them inspiring.In a similar way my work relies on change and multiplicity.  However, departing in distinct ways the medium I use/developed reflective hologram, is vastly different than paint having 3D properties, is activated by a light source, giving off spectral light (rainbowing).  I have managed to break this down into pure single colour. To allow me to control morphing of image into image. Up, down, right, left, dynamic interplay of imagery.  This produces a moving narrative or animation radically changing concept or enhancing a proposed concept.  While this is occurring colour is emanating a shifting panorama of perceptions and emotive feel.  My challenge has been to keep compositional structures elegant whilst talking of multiplicity of a particular subject.  There are many shifting compositions in the one work.  In the case of the painted rendering of the futurist’s simultaneous vision, the images are stilled on the one plane.

Whereas with my work a multiplicity of changes views occur showing/ projecting form, colour, line, complex 3 dimensional spatial juxtapositions which morph as the viewer moves around the art work.These properties allow me to explore the concept of eventual transitions/flux ideology, objects, seasons, movement, emotions of the world in its moment of change in many coherent images which is extremely difficult, if not impossible with paint.It is not just manifestation of change, or documentation of event after event it is the pursuing of aesthetic values using a matrix of imagery by the use of the combination of abstraction text figuration where every image in the one work produces a painting which I aim to be conceptually sound compositionally satisfying moving (that challenge perceptual ideology) and supporting the following images with an aim of producing a coherent event of multiplicity perceived from whatever viewer space is occupied.  Adriano Gemelli 2014