Windswept newspaper

All designs copyright (c) Adriano Gemelli | Commissions Accepted | Licensing of designs available – Contact the Artist for details

This design consists of a newspaper shaped form, appearing as if blown by the wind.  The motion and shape of this everyday urban sight has been captured in stainless steel. The exterior of the form is covered in an etched display of historical and contemporary newspapers. The arrangement in columns is to simulate an actual newspaper.

At ground level, the form rises from a mosaic base of scattered newspapers which are flush with the pavement and which are deeply etched to produce a non slip sufrace.  The etched stainless steel newspapers are arranged in chronological order producing a history of events as a pathway. This would infor the potency of walking through history.


Metal representation of etched stainless steel Windswept newspaper



Developed form – Windswept Newspaper



Design showing front of Windswept Newspaper on street scape of etched stainless steel historical newspaper & seat.

Seat composed of etched stainless steel historical newspapers


Clay model of chair desing with the impressions of newspaper inspired by thoughts of the depression years to keep warm one would wrap oneself in newspaper


Front view of chair design – showing draped with type and newspaper design

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