Meditative Fountain

All designs copyright (c) Adriano Gemelli | Commissions Accepted | Licensing of designs available – Contact the Artist for details

A circular amphitheatre inlaid with marble and one continuous polished stainless steel line taking on an angular form and crossing and linking over itself.  Positioned at either end of the circular base are two polished black granite boulders, each containing a resonator made of polished bronze to increase the sound of a water droplet.  The droplets emanate from a polished stainless steel sculpture located above each rock in an alternating sound pattern.

meditive droplet 1

The stainless steel sculptures contain down lighting onto each resonator to allow the public to view the sculpture at night and also to bring a focus to the amphitheater.  Each sculpture also contains a number of small holes allowing a gentle flow of water over the sculpture to enhance the lustre of the polished stainless steel.


Surrounding each of the boulders and sculptures are two angular shaped ponds containing irises and water lilies.  These lead to a central circle in the centre of the amphitheater, symbolic of creativity – the circle and the dot.


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